Today 3.29.17

March 29, 2017

Hello and happy Wednesday! Here are a few photos of the makeup I’m wearing today and have been wearing on repeat. I have really been feeling peachy hued makeup lately – if you can’t tell! I love the summer vibe it gives off, especially when I’ve managed to put on some self tanner.

This palette has been all over YouTube and it’s totally hyped up and probably overrated but I actually love it and the smell is peachy and delicious.… Keep Reading

10 Things I’m Loving: 1st Edition

March 27, 2017

Happy Monday, I hope everyone had a nice weekend! Ours was spent hanging out with family and enjoying our little girl. Can you believe it’s already Spring? Here in Oregon it’s rained pretty much every day, which is very normal around here – and I’m not complaining, I love the rain! Today I’ve rounded up 10 things I am loving lately to get me in the mood for the season.

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5 Things I didn’t know about New Motherhood

February 9, 2017

Four weeks ago I gave birth to the most wonderful, beautiful, magical baby girl – Emerson Anne. My husband and I are madly in love with her and motherhood is so, so much more than I could ever have imagined. I feel like my sister-in-law has done an excellent job of telling me all of the things that are difficult when it comes to being a new mom, as well as some of the wonderful things which I hear much … Keep Reading

Bumpdate – 34(ish) Weeks

November 21, 2016

34 weeks! Honestly when people told me that pregnancy would fly by I was like “Mmkay sure, 10 months of waiting is just going to ‘fly’ by.” But sure enough, here we are – almost ready to meet our little girl! I can’t even describe how amazing pregnancy is – I have loved every minute of it, honestly, and I wouldn’t trade these last 8 months for anything. So, now that we’re kind of in the home stretch here (six … Keep Reading

Baby Shower Setup

November 19, 2016

Last weekend my Sister-in-Law, mother, and best friend threw me the most beautiful baby shower! I am so bad at showers – opening gifts in front of people and being the focus of attention in general gives me anxiety, but they did such a lovely job and split up the gift-opening so I could take a breather. And the setup was so cute – a hot cocoa bar, a headband making station and some de-lish food – it was a … Keep Reading

On Loving my Husband

September 29, 2016


I titled this the way I did because – and let me be clear – this post is about how I love my husband. I am not here to tell anyone else what they should be doing more or less of. I just want to publicly love on my husband, because, well… I love him. I am not one to hand out advice on love and marriage, and quite frankly I don’t think anyone should. Every person loves and needs … Keep Reading

Top Ten from Zara Baby

September 27, 2016

I love baby clothes – but how can you not?! Zara has been one of my favorite places for baby clothes so far – I feel like it has been way too difficult to find inexpensive clothes that don’t have ridiculous things written on them that say something like “sassy like my Aunt.” *shudders* I prefer things to be really simple and plain, so browsing through Zara for baby clothes has been an absolute dream – so I have compiled … Keep Reading